Please see the specific guidelines for the category of art you are submitting to Hidden River Arts. You can refer to our website for additional information ( or email us if you have any questions at with subject line indicating in which category you are interested. Thanks so much for your interest in Hidden River Arts! We sincerely look forward to seeing your work.

Hidden River offers The Sandy Run Award for an unpublished novella. The winning manuscript will be published by Hidden River Press, an imprint of Hidden River Publishing, and will receive $1000. Submissions for the Sandy Run Novella Award are currently closed.  Entry fee: $20 US.  This competition is open to international submissions for all writers in English.

Please include your word count in your cover letter.  All submissions must be between 17,500 and 40,000 words, and must include name, address, telephone number, email, website (if you have one), a brief biography, full synopsis, outline and full manuscript! in that order.  Online submissions are to be uploaded to Submittable. Please note that, when submitting online, all materials must be combined into ONE document before uploading. Be sure to upload all required materials, including the synopsis BEFORE the manuscript, which should be uploaded last.  Be advised that any submission that does not include all required materials will not be read. 

Simultaneous submissions are accepted. We ask only that you withdraw the manuscript, and contact us asap if you place the manuscript for publication elsewhere.  Multiple submissions are also accepted, but each must be submitted separately.  

We do consider English translations from other languages.  But the submission must be made by the author, not the translator.  This is not a translation prize.  If you are submitting a translation, please state this clearly.  You must also include the name of the translator and the original language in which the manuscript has been written and published.

All awards are decided by Hidden River staff, and decisions are final. We reserve the right to withhold the prize on any given year should our staff decide that no manuscripts meet the winning criteria.  

All updates on the semi-finalist, finalist and winner decisions will be reported on our blog at -- please be sure that you follow us there in order to receive all updates.   

Hidden River Arts offers  a prize of $1000 and publication with Hidden River Press, an imprint of Hidden River Publishing, for an unpublished book-length collection of poetry.  The editors will judge. Using the online submission system, submit a poetry manuscript of 75 to 100 pages with a $20 entry fee.  Submissions deadline for the 2022-23 cycle will open August 15, 2022 and will deadline February 20, 2023.  

Individual poems included in the submission may have been published, as long as all rights have reverted to the poet.  Please provide a full list of publications: titles, where published, date of publication, and confirmation of your rights. 

Please include an introductory statement about your collection (approximately TWO paragraphs) where you discuss the themes, subject exploration, and the ways in which the poems in this collection coalesce to create a larger, overarching, work. This serves as a synopsis of the collection.  Entries without this requested synopsis will be immediately discarded. 

Manuscripts should include, in this order, the introductory statement, title page, table of contents, and when appropriate, an acknowledgments page. Manuscripts should be paginated and formatted in an easy-to-read font .  If your poetry has special formatting, please be sure that you upload the manuscript as a PDF. Please be sure that your cover letter includes full contact information, and include a brief bio and something about yourself that would not be included in a resume.  

All decisions are made by the Hidden River Staff and are final.  We reserve the right to withhold the prize on any given year should our staff decide that no manuscripts meet the winning criteria.  

Questions?  Please email, or see our blog at

Telephone is 484-215-1245

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our announcements of semi-finalists, finalists and winner will be posted on our blog site. Please be sure to follow the blog so that you'll be notified of  all updates.  (

Prize:  $1,000 

Guidelines (Please read FULLY):

The William Van Wert Memorial Fiction Award

Eligible: Any previously unpublished short story or novel excerpt of 25 pages or less. Any submission that includes more than 25 pages will be disqualified.

All novel excerpts must include a synopsis and outline of the whole novel, and an explanation of where the submitted portion fits into the overall structure of the work. Submissions of excerpts without a synopsis and outline will be disqualified.

A cover page should accompany the manuscript which includes the author’s name, address, telephone number, a brief bio, email address and manuscript title.

DEADLINE Submissions will be accepted beginning February 1, 2023 until June 30, 2023.

All manuscripts must be accompanied by a $17.00 entry fee, paid through Submittable.

Multiple submissions are permitted; but each must be sent separately and include a separate entry fee.

Simultaneous submissions are permitted. 

We welcome submissions from writers in English anywhere in the world.

All entries will be judged by the editors and staff of Hidden River Arts. All decisions of the Hidden River staff is final. We reserve the right to withhold the prize on any given year should our staff decide that no manuscripts meet the winning criteria.  

Contest results will be announced on our blog at -- Please be sure to follow us there for all updates and announcements.    

Please submit all required materials through our online submission program at:

When submitting through Submittable, please be aware that the program allows only ONE manuscript upload; it will be necessary that you create a file that includes all required materials to upload into one document.

If you have questions, please write to:

NOTE:  All announcements of semi-finalists, finalists and the winner of the William Van Wert Award will be announced on our blog at   Please be sure to follow us there so that you'll be notified of any posts and all information.

Please be sure to BOOKMARK the blog site for all announcements of semi-finalists, finalists and winners of this competition, and for other announcements of our programs and events:

Ends on $20.00

This is a "first book" award for an unpublished book-length work of fiction - novel, short stories, novel-in-stories, no length limit, by a woman writer, age 40 or older. Include a synopsis of the entire book*, an outline, and the complete manuscript, IN THAT ORDER. Also include a bio and resume, and a contact sheet including name, address, email, telephone, birthdate.  Submissions that do not have all required materials will be discarded, unread. All required materials must be included in ONE document.  Submittable does not permit multiple uploads.  Please note:  manuscripts that have been self-published are considered published, and are not eligible.  Publication in other genres besides fiction do not disqualify your entry. 

*If you are submitted a collection of stories, please include 2-3 sentence descriptions of each story.

Reading Fee:  $20.00  Submission window opens August 15, 2022 and closes March 15, 2023. 

Winning manuscript receives $1,000 and publication on the Sowilo Press imprint of Hidden River Publishing. 

Announcements of our semi-finalists, finalists and winner are made at our blog: -- Please be sure to follow us there to receive notification of all our posts and updates.

All decisions regarding the winning manuscript will be made by our staff, and the decisions are final. We reserve the right to withhold the prize on any given year should our staff decide that no manuscripts meet the winning criteria.  

For all additional information,  including the names of our previous winners,  please see the guidelines on our blog at:

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